Welcome to Onyx Finance

When you deal with Onyx you get personal service from someone who knows and understand the needs of people in your region. Many thousands of local people have trusted us to provide the right loan for them.  Here’s what we do:

Car Loans

Has your car seen better days? Does your growing family need something bigger? You’re in good hands, Onyx Finance are car finance experts. With a car loan from Onyx Finance you will be driving your new car in no time at all.

Debt Consolidation Loans

One easy payment to look after and often a lower weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment amount. With an Onyx Finance debt consolidation loan, you’ll feel in control and worry free!

Personal Loans

You’re planning a wedding, want to have a holiday or have an unexpected situation to take care of. Whatever it is, an Onyx Finance personal loan can help take care of it. We understand.

Onyx Finance for Fast, Efficient Service

When you apply for finance, we know that you may need your money quickly. We work to get your loan to you as soon as possible, which can often be within 24 hours. Onyx Finance are lenders, not brokers. With Onyx Finance you’re dealing direct with the person making the decision about your loan.